My own happiness tips

Here is what works for me.

1. Don’t fight the nature of your hair. If it is curly, leave it alone.

2. Open and sort mail on the spot.

3. Answer e-mails the moment you open them.

4. Track your spending and so be it.

5. Pay yourself first. Everyone has heard about it, but easier said than done.

6. Be modest. Be frugal. Frugal is good.

7. Have 3 pairs of shoes and wear them! Take the rest of your shoe wardrobe to a Goodwill store.

8. Have 30 bottles of perfume. That is about right.

9. Wear simple clothes and very few simple jewelry pieces. That takes sweating over an outfit out of the question!

10. Eat healthy. Work out. Don’t skip more than 2 days in a row.

11. Don’t drink alcohol in the morning, even if you work a night shift:)

12. Meet your friends regularly.

13. Talk to your daughter about what is important to HER.

14. Listen to your husband’s stories without interrupting.

15. Come up with new funny words and write them down.

16. Maintain online journal.

17. Read your friends’ online journals and Facebook statuses to keep up to date.

18. Thank your mother for everything.

19. Call your grandmother at least once a month.

20. Cook your own food.

21. Have a cat to love. Take his pictures at least 3 times a day.

22. Travel with family. Experiences are more important than Stuff.

23. Work hard and help others.

24. Meditate.

25. Be in LOVE.

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