What makes me happy

It’s little things in life, right?

As I grow older, I no longer make huge plans or pursue ambitious goals. For so many years it has been about next week, next month, next year –  something exciting was going to happen, I felt I was living somebody else’s life.

These days I still make plans and have To-Do lists, but try to pause and think and be present today and now.

My job is important. My family is also very important. It used to be while checking e-mail and tried to have a conversation with my husband and missed half of what he was saying. Now e-mail gets checked 2-3 times a day and most of the time I  can repeat every little detail of our family conversations because I pay attention!

Yesterday I made it to our local Farmers Market after work. 12 night-time hours at a busy hospital is no joke, and often I can’t wait to drive myself home and go to bed. Well, I drove myself to a cute little market instead, ran into my friends Marina and Igor, we chatted for a minute, caught up on something unimportantly-important:).

Sunshine in my face, breeze in my hair, heavy bags of fresh fruits and veggies, my mom greeting me at the door, totally surprised I didn’t bail out at the last moment.

Then I had a naughty thought of adding a little Irish Mist into my morning cup of tea. What’s a night shift girl to do when she needs a Happy Hour?!

Irish Mist was the best idea ever. It put me to sleep for solid 8 hours. Ahh, exactly what I needed.

Last night at work was fabulous. Of course, I will pay for it tonight, but I did enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet in my call room which almost never happens.

Morning coffee and bagel at Panera Bread. Loved the smell of freshly baked breads and pastries. At home a decision was made to bake pumpkin muffins, somehow my trip to Panera made me think of Thanksgiving and I all of a sudden started craving pumpkin, allspice, cinnamon and color yellow:)

Facebook updated, blog post written, I am sleepy now.

Good night!

Life is wonderful:)

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