What I ate today


I thought it would be important to document what I ate today:)


Nonexistent. Due to my circadian rhythms gone crazy. Went to bed at 4:30 am, woke up at 11:51 am. Watermelon galore!

Lunch. 3 pm. Beet Borscht, cooked by my friend Marina. 2 slices of rye bread, Earth Balance and some very awesome Salty Greek Cheese. More watermelon. 3 peaches from Farmers Market.

Dinner. Blue Tortilla Chips with Amy’s salsa. Homemade quesadilla with beans, onions and cheese. SIERRA NEVADA!!!! My new fav beer. Almost forgot – $6.99/bottle Mad Housewife Chardonnay, 1 glass, while making dinner. Husband had Julia Child’s Beef and Onions braised in beer plus mashed potatoes.

Snack: 1 “no bake coconut & chocolate chip cookie dough ball” from http://www.loveveggiesandyoga.com.

Workout: floated in my pool, only 3rd time this season, such a waste of pool!

Good Night!


2 thoughts on “What I ate today

  1. Sierra Nevada is truly my all time favorite beer!! Especially in the summer, it’s crisp and refreshing – and it only takes about 2 to get me pretty buzzed lol

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