On track

Hello, darlings!

I just have to tell you about the most delicious run I had this morning. Of course, last week was a total failure as far as mileage and all, but the best “side effect” is my incredibly fresh legs:). Holy cow! I haven’t had legs this fresh since the time … well, since the time  before I started running!

Woke up  at 6:30 am. Had a piece of bread with almond butter as my pre-run snack. Couldn’t find any outside running clothes or my Garmin, but managed just fine wearing a mismatched pair of socks and zero gadgets. The air was incredible, smelling like a frozen watermelon, delicious all the way for 10 miles. My goal was no goal. I decided to stop training and start running. My marathon training schedule said 5 miles, and I said 10! Fresh legs take you far:) I told you I needed those days off. I loved the feeling of being able to run forever.

Early lunch at 11:30 am included lentils soup and stuffed tortilla (refried beans, green onions, soy cheese). 2 apples with almond butter because I was still hungry. Polished with 2 dark chocolate squares and  ginger tea.

Afternoon was spent shopping with mom and making pizza for dinner. I just love homemade pizza!

This one is with meat. Vegetarian didn't make it to the picture, but WAS delicious

Mindlessly surfing the web now.

Good night!



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