Cooking frenzy

Greetings from Fort Smith!

This morning I wanted to sleep in to get ready for the night shift switch. Yeah, right! Woke up on my own, no alarm, at 6 am! Laid in bed for another hour trying hard to reverse the situation, but no luck:)

It was quickly becoming sunny and bright outside. I felt it was getting warm too, just like the last couple of days, but my mom informed me of a 30 degree weather and advised to dress warm as she was heading out for her morning walk. I bundled up and didn’t regret it! It was chilly and windy, but I quickly warmed up and actually had a nice 5 mile run.

my street

Got back home and noticed Slava just getting ready for his Couch to 5 K session. I felt like running/walking with him and we completed around 2.5 miles together.

Home, sweet home!

Back home at 11 am.  I couldn’t decide on late breakfast versus early lunch. Went with an early lunch since I was about to chew on my arm:) Had tempeh stuffed tortilla and leftover Russian salad – perfection!

After lunch a black hole, otherwise known as healthy living blogs, sucked me in. I spent 2-3 hours just reading away.

Then This happened.

Vegan pumpkin bread

And a few hours later I cooked a Chickpea Curry. My “own” recipe borrowed from Rashmi, my friend from India. Simple and delicious!

Then I completely lost it and wanted to bake some of this, my absolute favorite Indian bread. Total and utter FAILURE😦 Oh well, next time I will do better.

Had my dinner at 5:30 pm due to an early lunch. Mama Pea’s quinoa and chickpea curry. Who needs a take out if we have recipes like this and a little bit of time:)

Now let’s get ready for work!

See ya,