A little victory

I am so happy, and that is because I was finally able to make pizza at home. Pizza is one of my favorite foods and making it has been an obsession of mine for a long time. I’ve tried twice before and both times it was a big fiascošŸ˜¦. So today I planned to try 2 recipes and decided I wouldn’t give up no matter what.

My first recipe wasĀ this recipeĀ and I kept my hopes high due to multiple positive comments and also because I got this recipe fromĀ hereĀ and this website is my newest obsession as well. The second recipe wasĀ this oneĀ and I loved the fact that beer was one of the ingredients. I followed both recipes to a tee and made the first pizza for meat eaters with ham, mushrooms, olives and extra cheese, the second one was vegetarian with olives, mushrooms and some cheese. The first came out a little thicker and saltier, my daughter loved it, but the rest of us liked the “beer pizza” recipe better. It was awesome to say the least!

Ham Pizza

Veg Pizza

I had a great time today cooking with my mother and feeding the whole family a homemade pizza. I am not sure I would want a chain store pizza ever again!

Good night~


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